About Lisa

I first entered the Hair and Make Up Industry in 2001. Since then I have spent 5 years working with top hair designers before opening up my own Salon in 2006.  However what became quickly evident was my seemingly natural ability to design amazing hair up's and my reputation in this field started to grow.  


To support my expertise in Hair-Up designs, I became qualified as a Make-Up artist in 2010 and I have florished in this field ever since.


My business grew organically in both these fields, so quickly in fact, that I decided to heavily focus and dedicate my life and passion to this that I closed down my Salon in 2014.


With years of experience, my aim is to make your day uniquely special but ensure you are relaxed and having fun.  I will work with you to get "That Look" that will take your natural beauty to the next level....

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Email me: lisa@lisaellishair.co.uk

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